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Memory Care Assisted Living Staff at the Carlysle of Windsor Place

Memory care assisted living relies upon Alzheimer’s caregivers who are carefully screened and selected, continually trained through continuing education programs, supported through on-site supervision and nurtured in their roles through emotional, behavioral and psychological supports. The challenges of working with persons with Alzheimer’s and related disorders cannot be understated, and The Carlysle at Windsor Place cares for and nurtures its staff as carefully as our residents.

The training for Alzheimer’s disease caregivers must be rigorous and innovative. The entire staff at The Carlysle at Windsor Place meets all of the state training requirements. In addition, our memory care staff receives regular additional training. Everything from behavioral psychology, nutritional management, and creative activities are included, as well as medication management and health & wellness, help to keep the professional caregiving staff empowered to provide the very best support, services and care for our memory care residents. This rigorous, ongoing training also supports our staff, which routinely reports high levels of job satisfaction.

For professional staff caring for persons with Alzheimer’s and related disorders, the qualities of patience and a genuine affection for the elderly are traits which cannot be “learned”. The supervisors and managers at The Carlysle at Windsor Place recruit professional Alzheimer’s caregivers who possess these qualities, or personality characteristics, and then nurture and support them in their jobs. As any family member will attest, caring for a person with Alzheimer’s is challenging; The Carlysle at Windsor Place has a team who are carefully selected and supported in memory care.

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