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Alzheimer’s Care Facilities at The Carlysle at Windsor Place

In designing the memory care assisted living spaces in The Carlysle at Windsor Place, we paid special attention to the needs of our memory care residents, and created spaces which are familiar, yet varied, bright, while relaxing, and as comfortable and accommodating as possible.

Security is assured through appropriate, unobtrusive, physical and electronic monitoring systems. Residents at the Carlysle at Windsor Place find spaces in common areas which are comfortable and inviting. Alzheimer’s caregivers are easily able to interact with residents, engaging them in memory care activities, conversation, and social interactions.

The Alzheimer’s care facilities at The Carlysle at Windsor Place are filled with light and varied colors, textures and shapes, which have been shown to support positive engagement and stimulate memory. Designed in consultation with leading assisted living architects and Alzheimer’s and related disorders organizations, the Alzheimer’s care facilities provide opportunities for social engagement, quiet rest as well as constructive, structured activities.

The memory care assisted living program at the Carlysle at Windsor Place addresses the complex personal needs of its residents, including physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and nutritional dimensions.

Comfort is an important design aesthetic in the Alzheimer’s care facilities at The Carlysle. Domestic or homelike chairs, tables, and conversation settings are available throughout the specially designed and secure areas serving residents with Alzheimer’s and related disorders. Surfaces are not only pleasant and restful to look at; they are carefully designed to be engaging, as well as hygienic and safe. Textures and colors have been shown to stimulate and engage persons with Alzheimer’s and related disorders, and the memory care environments. At the Carlysle, they take advantage of this research into Alzheimer’s disease care. During the day, residents and Alzheimer’s care staff can be found engaged in a variety of activities throughout The Carlysle.

Memory care assisted living relies on both familiarity and variety.  In order to be both stimulating & engaging for the residents at the Carlysle at Windsor Place, the Alzheimer’s caregivers and their supervisors continually review and update the Alzheimer’s and related disorder residents’ care plans, carefully adapting, changing and improving their activities, physical exercise, and support services.

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