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Owners Dennis and Elissa Sargent Owners Dennis and Elissa Sargent are on-site to uphold our Core Values to the highest standard.

Windsor Place is owned and managed by Dennis and Elissa (Paino) Sargent and the Paino family, longstanding members of the North Shore business community with deep ties to the regional medical community. In developing Windsor Place, the Paino family has applied an established foundation of core values, right down to our well-established culture to “go the extra mile, and do the little things that make a difference.”

Our Core Values

We at Windsor Place of Wilmington adhere to the highest standards of excellence and customer satisfaction with commitments to:

Customer Focus

We will focus on the needs, desires and expectations of our customers.

People. We will recognize that people are our most valuable asset. We will encourage consistent behavior that reflects values of honesty, compassion and consideration for self and others.
Communication. We will always tell the truth, as it is the cornerstone of trust. We will carefully listen to our customers, their families, our staff and the community.

Honor Commitments

We will do what we say we are going to do and expect to be held accountable for it.

Performance Oriented

We will work constantly to the best of our ability to meet our goals and objectives. We will always remain focused on providing the highest quality care to our customers in the most effective and efficient manner.

Team Oriented

We will work as partners, combining our skills and ideas, to improve the quality of our work. We recognize that the individual contributions of each department are important, but we understand that the combined efforts of all departments are critical to the well being of our customers, and Windsor Place as an organization.

Demanding Excellence

We will expect excellence in effort, desire for personal growth, and concern for our organization. We will encourage each individual to reach their highest potential and honor their achievements.

Manage By Example

Our management team will set the pace of the organization. We will abide by the Core Values, and by doing so in a visible manner; we will expect our entire staff to exhibit the same behavior.

Be Competitive

We will remain alert and strive for knowledge of what our competition is doing. With this knowledge, we will strive for excellence in order to distinguish ourselves.

Creativity and Change

We will recognize that change is an inevitable fact of life. We will not be afraid to try something new in our quest for meeting our goals.

Continuous Quality Improvement

We will honestly and vigorously examine and evaluate our performance in every area of activity to continuously improve our performance to meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.

Sense of Humor

We will promote a lively sense of humor that will bring perspective and balance to our work.

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