Medication Management

Assisted Living Medication Management

Pharmaceutical care – prescription and over the counter medicines – form an essential part of the well being of our residents. At Windsor Place of Wilmington, we understand how important assisted living medication management is to the welfare of our residents and to the peace of mind of their families.

Within the carefully observed Massachusetts regulations, the staff at Windsor Place monitors the adherence of our residents to their medication regimens. We work with an experienced local pharmacy which assists our residents to avoid potentially negative outcomes and gain the greatest potential benefits from prescribed and over the counter medications.

Residents and their families are, of course, free to use any pharmacy they choose to secure prescriptions and over the counter medications. The staff at Windsor Place will work with families and the residents, within the limits of the state guidelines, to encourage residents to adhere to the medication regimen prescribed by their doctor.

Contact us today to learn more about medication management at Windsor Place, the Boston area’s newest and most elegant assisted living residence. We’re happy to help.

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